2020 Mid-Autumn Festival

September 29, 2020

At the morning markets I noticed cakes on sale.  This must be associated with the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is on in a week.

I tried a few different cakes.  First, they were all different varieties of filling, wrapped up in flaky pastry.  They were all a dessert.  They were not too sweet.  

The first one I tried had a creamy, sweet-tasting filling, which I quite enjoyed.

The lady at the stall in the market urged me to take second, different cake (“好吃!”).  This was filled with (I think) red bean paste, with an egg yolk in the centre, and a crunchy delicious layer that I didn’t know as well.  Despite the odd ingredients the cake was very tasty.  

In the Mandarin Training Centre there was a competition for pomelos (a relative of grapefruits) that had been carved and dressed.  This picture shows the judging of the pomelos.

People could vote by attaching stickers to the pomelos.

There was some interesting artwork.

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