A Trip on a Sydney Ferry

When in Sydney I bought myself a new mobile phone plan, and my mother generously donated a mobile phone to go with it. My father suggested taking a few photographs and uploading them to the Wandering Richard website. So I decided to take a ferry ride.

The above map is some of the routes of Sydney Ferries. The ferries all do a round trip from Circular Quay (at below centre, just below the Sydney Opera House). My route, chosen a random, took me to Cockatoo Island (centre right, below the Clarke’s Point Reserve).

A view of Circular Quay (pronounced ‘Circular Key’). You can see some ferries, water which reflects the blue of the sky (it’s actually a dark green), and the Sydney Opera House.

Above is a YouTube video that shows the trip in the other direction, Cockatoo Island to Circular Quay.

A close-up view of a ferry, the Friendship, named after a ship of the First Fleet. My ferry was a bit larger and newer.

Pulling away from Circular Quay, made small by the skyscrapers behind them.

An obligatory view of the Sydney Opera House. The building of the Sydney Opera House was notorious, including persistent State government interference. The budget blew out to 14 times the original cost, the architect was forced out – but in the end, what a masterpiece!

Passing beneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

A brilliant day to go on a ferry ride.

I’m envious of the owners of these houses, a very short distance from Balmain wharf, just out of view to the right on the photo.

These thickly-wooded acreage is actually among the most valuable land in Australia.

A view from the ferry of Woolwich (pronounced ‘Woolitch’) Wharf.

I only have a mediocre photo of Cockatoo Island, which is a pity because it’s a very interesting place to visit. There are tents to the right in the above photo – you can actually stay there.

Then the ferry returned to Circular Quay, visiting all the wharves in reverse order. My new camera on the new mobile phone is better than the old one.


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