In Alishan township

August 27, 2020

I am in Alisan township.

alishan village - Taiwanese Secrets Travel Guide

By the way, those cliffs are across the valley from Alishan township; they are often obscured by mist.

Alishan is “famous for such pleasant things as idyllic sunrises, high-quality tea, spring cherry blossoms, hiking trails, and much, much more.”  (  In my view, that’s pretty correct.  

There are train rides to several attractions, so that’s what I did.

I got up early again to see the sunrise over Yushan, Taiwan’s highest peak.  It was early, 3am.  I rugged up in a woolen cap and scarf in anticipation of the cold. We traveled in pitch darkness to Chushan station and the main viewing area.  Here’s a photo – we’d just arrived at Chushan station.

At the viewing area there were a few stalls available selling food, drink, and souvenirs. The view was spectacular, looking east to Yushan. Thankfully it was not that cold, “only” 11 degrees.  Here’s a clip (not me) of the activity just before dawn: .

Going back down in the train, it was daylight, and I saw beautiful scenery all hidden on the way up.  YouTube has a clip: .

Back in Alishan township I met the women friends from yesterday.  We exchanged notes and I told them how grateful I was for yesterday.

Next I caught a train to the Sacred Tree Station.  It was only 1½ km but the scenery was fantastic, all misty and cool; the temperature didn’t rise above 17 degrees.  The weather was very changeable – it started raining when I was there. There was a mystical atmosphere in the damp cypress forest. YouTube as always has a clip of the area I traveled: , and a clip of a train at Sacred Tree Station: .

Sacred Tree Station originally had a tall tree that symbolised the area.  Unfortunately that tree was struck by lightning and died more than 50 years ago.  The decayed wood is still sitting by the tracks by the station.

The area was magical, with the mist and the tall cypress trees.     

Near the station there was a walkway (so you didn’t disturb the soil) that passed by old-growth giant cypress trees, with an estimation of how long the trees have stood there – ranging from 800-1300 years.

Here is some forest that I found especially beautiful.  It had just started to rain.  

That’s the end of my emails about Alishan.  I’m leaving from Alishan in a few hours by bus to Chiayi, changing to the train to Taipei.


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